The Abominable

White chocolate imperial stout with a hint of mint. Yum!! (limited release)

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Green Production

Mudshark Brewery is nearly run on 100% solar power. Arizona sun power baby!

Brew Crew

Learn about our Brew Crew and see why at Mudshark Beer we love beer so darn much!


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Our Seasonal Beers

Spring Training

This is an uncommon, common ale that will help bring in the  Arizona summer through Spring Training Ale.

Havablue Wheat

The cool azure Colorado River splits the Mohave Desert, creating a paradise unrivaled. In that spirit we give you HavaBlue.

Peaceful Pumpkin

Spooky times with Mudshark Brewery’s rendition of the Great Pumpkin, we introduce Peaceful Pumpkin.

Abominable Winter Ale

Legends tell of a creature in the mountain snows, a wintery visitor bringing good fortune, Abominable Winter Ale!

“He was a wise man who invented beer”



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